Blackjack strategies Over 30 tips & tricks tested

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and, according to our online casino comparison, is  also offered by many casinos for this reason. The players themselves look for suitable tips and tricks with which they can increase the chances of winning and reduce the risk. However, since there are so many strategies, it is not always easy to find the right one. Therefore, in this article, we provide a few suggestions to help you test the best strategies.

With the help of blackjack strategies you want to improve the chances of winning and / or use the money in a more structured way . In any case, they can be very helpful. However, this applies not only to inexperienced players, but also to professionals. Because they help to play more disciplined and, if necessary, more concentrated and thereby usually increase the chances of winning.

However, it is also very important to always consider the risk . After all, both real and online blackjack  is a game of chance in which you have to reckon with a lot of losses. There are also table limits , which are often also a major disadvantage.

For these reasons there is no guarantee of profit . With some strategies, however, it is possible to reduce the house edge of the casino and thus actually improve your own chances a little. This is also the reason why many players use a strategy. But such systems can also be very useful for setting simply structured. Often it is even more fun to play blackjack strategies in the casino. Before using the respective strategy, however, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the system. That means, you should inform yourself about the tips and tricks, weak points, risks and opportunities.

However, it is also advisable to test the respective no deposit slots strategy in advance . You can do this on the one hand in demo mode and on the other hand with a no deposit bonus. With this bonus you can test the provider without having deposited even a euro. In our casino bonus comparison  we found out that some online casinos have a suitable offer ready for this.

Blackjack strategies can be helpful

Blackjack strategies can be used in a more structured way and partially improve the chances of winning

Since many people play blackjack, there are accordingly a number of different blackjack strategies, some of which are associated with a great deal of risk and some of which produce good opportunities. We would like to introduce two of the most famous systems to you at this point:

Card counting

A popular blackjack system is the card counting strategy , in which one can reduce the house edge of the casino and thereby improve the chances of winning. It is also fairly easy to apply as the rules are easy to understand.

However, this strategy also has some weak points . Because here there is the risk of being thrown out of the casino. Most casinos don’t really like this strategy. Some even prohibit this blackjack system. Often, however, it is also common for the croupiers to notice abnormal behavior and engage the respective player in a conversation so that he can no longer concentrate on counting.

If you want to use the strategy anyway, you should note that there are several versions . The best known and most popular is the Hi-Lo counting strategy . Each card is given a value. So when the cards are dealt, you will count and add or subtract.

So you will add one point to cards between two and six and subtract one point from cards 10, jack, king, queen and ace. If, on the other hand, a medium card (seven to nine) is dealt, you do not count.

Double your stake

Finally, another very popular strategy is the double bet strategy . There are also several variants here . Basically, however, one differentiates between loss and profit progression. If you use the loss progression you will increase the bet amount after each loss . However, in contrast to profit progression, this strategy has a significantly higher risk.

Because with the winning strategy you will only double the stake if you have made a profit . Basically you only play with the initial bet and the winnings. Therefore, this strategy is also more recommendable. This can also be used very easily, so that it is also ideal for beginners.

Nevertheless, one should also be aware of the risks with this blackjack system . Because here it can happen that you reach the table limit due to the rapidly increasing stakes . This becomes a problem especially with loss progression. Because here you have to make at least a profit to compensate for the losses. However, when you hit the table limit, balancing becomes very difficult. You should also know that you use this strategy primarily as a credit management and not to improve your chances of winning.

Other strategies

In addition to these two blackjack strategies, there are of course many more, which can usually be used in both online and real casinos. For example, there is also the 1-3-2-6 strategy  in which, depending on the round, you use one, three, two or six units.